Welcome to Antiquity of Man, an encyclopedia seeking to accurately document human history.

Please mind the mess as we begin excavating the history and anthropology of Mankind. In the meantime, this is what you may expect from AoM:

What we are:

  1. An academic encyclopaedia of humanity, including its development historically, intellectually, linguistically, socially, spiritually, and technologically.
  2. A teaching tool and study guide for use in traditional or non-traditional school settings or for personal study.
  3. Devoted to preserving historical facts and discussing viable theories where the facts are unknown.

What we are not:

  1. Politically affiliated or biased.
  2. A source for alternate histories such as the 1619 Project or discussions of races outside of Homo sapiens and its known evolutionary ancestors.
  3. An encyclopaedia of flora, fauna, or other subjects that do not directly pertain to humanity itself.



We understand that new information is always being discovered and that it can be difficult to control outdated information. In addition, personal beliefs can change over time, causing an individual to wish older material that reflects prior views be removed from the public eye (as it happened with Darwin). If you do not wish our staff to reference specific works that you have authored or published, please contact us. We will add your name or requested works to our writing guidelines in a “Do Not Reference” list.