The Antiquity of Man

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Creationists falsely claim there are not many hominin fossils

For the sake of time, and merely as an illustration, I will summarise Fred Grine's contribution ("Description and preliminary analysis of new hominid craniodental fossils from the Swartkrans Formation") in:
Brain, B. (ed.) 1992. Swartkrans: A cave's chronicle of early man.

Almost 100 hominin craniodental fossils were excavated, deriving from the Member 1 Hanging Remnant breccia, Member 1 Lower Bank, Member 2 and Member 3. Six individuals were attributed to Homo, the remainder 50-60 individuals to Paranthropus (otherwise known as the robust australopiths). This was from the period 1979 to 1986. The previous excavations, 1948 to 1953 and 1965 to 1979, yielded over 200 craniodental remains attributable to Paranthropus which has been equated to between 85-97 individuals.

In addition to the above, 72 individually numbered jaws and teeth and 36 postcranial bones, about 21 craniodental fossils and a partial cervical vertebra that were not described by the time of the 1992 publication (but described as such in Grine's chapter) were recovered by Brain from Member 1 Hanging Remnant rubble.

Grine gave detailed descriptions of the following: Member 1 Hanging Remnant: 21 specimens Member 1 Lower Bank: 20 numbered specimens representing 13-16 individuals. Member 1-2 Interface: 9 isolated teeth Member 2: 32 numbered specimens representing 21-24 individuals Member 3: 12 numbered speciments representing 9-11 individuals

Now, the site of Sterkfontein is far richer in hominin remains than Swartkrans. Consider further that these are just two of the main palaeoanthropological sites in southern and East Africa, the Near East and Europe and the picture becomes just slightly more complicated than the "all remains would fit on a table tennis board" rubbish of creationists.

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