The Antiquity of Man

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Course: World Archaeology

Course Co-ordinator: Michael Brass

To register: contact Mike at to pay by cheque or via PayPal.

Cost: 30 / $40 (US) / 40 Euros

Length: The course will run for 8 weeks from Sunday 09 October - Saturday 03rd December 2016.

Description: The course consists of four modules. Each module will last two weeks - the first week consists of the readings (with a minimum of three articles per module); the second week is devoted to online e-mail discussions involving the various matters raised by the course material.

Previous Knowledge or Experience Required: No subject knowledge required.

Who is the course intended for: Anyone with an interest in World Archaeology

This web-based course will consist of the following four highly intensive and university-standard modules:

1. Introduction to and history of archaeology, evolutionary theory, dating techniques, and the Oligocene and Miocene apes
2. Our early hominin ancestors, an overview of Multiregionalism and Out-of-Africa, and an indepth examination of the southern African site of Swartkrans
3. The Middle Stone Age-Later Stone Age and Middle Palaeolithic-Upper Palaeolithic transitions, disperal into the Americas and an indepth examination of the southern African site of Duinefontein 2
4. The Neolithic Revolution in the Fertile Crescent, early state formation, carbon isotopes and an indepth examination of the site of Great Zimbabwe

What materials will I need: The course materials are provided through the website medium.

The course is non-credited. Within each module will be a series of website links for further research, and a select bibliography of books and journal articles.

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