The Antiquity of Man

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Course: Ancient Egypt

Course Co-ordinator: Michael Brass

To register: contact Mike at to pay by cheque or via PayPal.

Cost: 30 / $40 (US) / 40 Euros

Length: The course will run for 6 weeks from Sunday 09 October - Saturday 19th November 2016.

Description: The course consists of three modules. Each module will last two weeks - the first week consists of the readings; the second week is devoted to online e-mail discussions involving the various matters raised by the course material.

Previous Knowledge or Experience Required: No subject knowledge required.

Who is the course intended for: Anyone with an interest in Egypt's history

This web-based course will consist of the following four modules designed specifically for the general public and those with no or beginners knowledge of Ancient Egypt, examining the rich mosaic of Ancient Egyptian life:

1. The beginnings and gathering pace into and down the dynastic periods, the changing political and social structures
2. Society and the state, and the tempering effects on people of political and economic experience
3. Gods, tombs, mummies, medicine and ideology at state and local levels. Construction and architecture of the pyramids, shrines and villages

What materials will I need: The course materials are provided through the website medium.

The course is non-credited. Within each module will be a series of website links for further research, and a select bibliography of books and journal articles.

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