The Antiquity of Man

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Journal abstracts, press releases, and reviews and summaries of books and journal articles

Book reviews and summaries, and journal article summaries (my own)

Barker, G. & Janowski, M. 2011. Why cultivate? Anthropological and archaeological approaches to foraging-farming transitions in Southeast Asia. Cambridge: McDonald Institute Monographs

Michael Rice's Egypt’s Making: The Origins of Ancient Egypt 5000 - 2000 BC. World Archaeological Bulletin, 1999

Mary Stiner's Carnivory, coevolution, and the geographic spread of the genus Homo. Journal of Archaeological Research, 2002

Fekri Hassan's edited book Droughts, Food and Culture: Ecological Change and Food Security in Africa's Later Prehistory

Andrew B. Smith's book African Herders: Emergence of Pastoral Traditions

Peter Mitchell's book African connections: Archaeological perspectives on Africa and the wider world

Russell, Martin & Buitenhuis' Cattle Domestication at Catalhöyük Revisited. Current Anthropology, 2005

Andrew Reid & Paul Lane's edited book African Historical Archaeologies

Susan Kent's And Justice for All: The Development of Political Centralization among Newly Sedentary Foragers. American Anthropologist, 1989

Solway & Lee's Foragers, Genuine or Spurious?: Situating the Kalahari San in History. Current Anthropology, 1990

Eibl-Eibesfeldt & Hitchcock's On Subsistence and Social Relations in the Kalahari. Current Anthropology, 1991

Martin Hall's edited book Great Zimbabwe and the Lost City

Richard Lesure's The Goddess Diffracted: Thinking about the Figurines of "Early Villages. Current Anthropology, 2002

Francisco Ayala's book Darwin's gift to science and religion

Book reviews by others

Human Roots: Africa and Asia in the Middle Pleistocene, by John McNabb

Punic Antiquities of Malta and Other Ancient Artefacts Held in Ecclesiastic and Private Collections, by Isabelle Vella Gregory

The Triumph of the Baroque: Architecture in Europe 1600-1750, by Isabelle Vella Gregory

Journal abstracts







Press releases

Richerson & Boyd's book Not by Genes Alone: How Culture Transformed Human Evolution
Heinrich-Barth-Institut's publication releases 2011

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